Cloning Core

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The iHuman cloning core was set up in 2013. Its goal is to build a high-efficiency and high-throughput platform for optimized human GPCR gene cloning, expression construct design and optimization for in vitro scale-up of expression and purification. We have adopted new techniques to ensure excellent molecular biology support to iHuman researchers. The cloning core has designed a streamlined process that is able to generate DNA constructs quickly and efficiently for eukaryotic system expression. It is also one of the gateways collaborators to access our gene library resources with a gene bank of more than 3000 plasmids, 2576 constructs for 826 GPCR proteins, 109 soluble protein, 11 fusion partners and 18 kinds of vectors.

Core service:

-        cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, DNA & RNA preparation;

-        clone bank, Automated high-throughput sample preparation; and

-        access to instruments and complete support: qPCR, liquid handling robotics, colony picker, etc.


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