1st Conference of the Application of Single Molecule Fluorescence Technology in Biology and Medical Science

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The Conference of the Application of Single Molecule Florescence Technology in Biology and Medical Science was successfully held by iHuman Institute, ShanghaiTech University on April 8th 2016. More than 200 participants from top universities, leading academic institutions and related biotechnology companies gathered to present and discuss the cutting-edge progress in the field of single molecule fluorescence technology.

In the opening ceremony, Vice President and Provost of ShanghaiTech University, Professor Yin Jie, delivered the opening address. He reviewed the tremendous progress achieved in single molecule fluorescence technology lately, emphasized the importance of collaborative innovation, and further elaborated ShanghaiTech’s commitment to pursue more fruitful partnerships in this dynamic field.

Scientific researchers from leading academic institutionspresented their latest progress on various topics in the fields of single molecule fluorescence technology, including single molecule magnetic resonance, FRET, high resolution optical tweezers and super resolution fluorescence microscopic imaging. Professor Du Jiangfeng from University of Science and Technology of China gave a keynote speech about quantum spin and its application in biology. About 20 postdocs and senior graduate students presented their recent experimental results in the poster session during the conference. Qi Zhi, from Peking University, together with two other young researchers won the Excellence Poster Awards for the achievement in their research field.

In addition to academic representatives, representatives fromBiotium, Leica, Nikon, Vazyme Biotech, Jiangwen, Union Biotech, Pursuing Life Science and DynaMax Biotech attended and supported the single molecule fluorescence conference. The national-wide participation and stimulating discussions among attendees reflected the nature of the conference, “cooperation,openandinnovation”.