iHuman Institute Holds 3rd Shanghai GPCR Forum

Publisher:系统管理员Publish Time:2015-12-05Views:11111

On December 5th-6th, 2015, the iHuman Institute at ShanghaiTech University held the 3rd Annual Shanghai GPCR Forum. More than 300 representatives from leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies gathered to present and discuss cutting-edge progress in the field of GPCR and human cell signaling.

In the opening ceremony, Vice President and Provost of ShanghaiTech University Professor Yin Jie delivered the opening address. He reviewed the tremendous progress achieved in GPCR research in 2015, emphasized the importance of collaborative innovation, and spoke about ShanghaiTech’s commitment to pursue more fruitful partnerships in this dynamic field.

Internationally renowned scientific researchers from leading academic institutions from Asia, Europe and the United States presented their latest progress on various topics in the field of structural biology, cell biology, chemical biology, computational biology, biophysics and bio-imaging. The interdisciplinary knowledge sharing stimulated animated and insightful discussion among the attendees.

In addition to academic representatives, scientists from GPCR Consortium industry members Amgen, Sanofi, Ono, Novo Nordisk, MSD, Pfizer, Lundbeck, Boehringer-Ingelheim, and Taisho attended and spoke in the Forum. Their active attendance and participation reflected the nature of the GPCR Forum, an open source public-private partnership in global GPCR research.

Professor Zhi-Jie Liu, Deputy Director of the iHuman Institute said, “This was the most exciting and incredible Forum we have had yet and Shanghai continues to grow into a real center of excellence for human cell signaling research and drug discovery.”

The Forum was sponsored by ShanghaiTech University as well as industrial partners and vendors. The GPCR Consortium sponsored the Best Poster Awards of the Forum.