Raymond Stevens Founding Director
Degree : Affiliation : Position : Adjunct Professor Honor : Final education : Graduate School : Tel :20685006 Fax : Office : Add : Email :stevens@shanghaitech.edu.cn Research Group: Group Website: Research Area:Imaging across scales, structure biology

Education Background

  • 1982-1986, University of Southern Maine, B.A.
  • 1986/9-1988/12, University of Southern California, PhD

Working Experience

  • 1/1989-6/1992, Harvard University, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 9/1992-6/1999, University of California, Berkeley, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • 6/1999-7/2014, The Scripps Research Institute, Professor, Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology (formerly Department of Molecular Biology) and Department of Chemistry
  • 12/1999-11/2004, Joint Center for Structural Genomics, Founding Scientist
  • 2000-2005, Structural Proteomics in Europe (SPinE), Oxford University, Scientific Advisory Board
  • 11/2007-7/2014, Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Protein Research, Scientific Advisory Board
  • 2008-7/2014, National PKU Alliance, Scientific Advisory Board
  • 8/2008-7/2012, Receptos, Inc., Founding Scientist and Board of Directors
  • 7/2010-6/2016, GPCR Network, Founding Scientist and Director
  • 8/2011-7/2013, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Shanghai, China, Chinese Academy of Sciences Senior Distinguished Visiting Professor
  • 7/2014-8/2021, Bridge Institute, University of Southern California, Founding Director
  • 10/2014-8/2021, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics
  • 7/2010-present, NIH Study Section: Biological Chemistry and Macromolecular Biophysics (BBM), member
  • 7/2011-present, RuiYi, Inc (Shanghai, China), Founding Scientist and Chairman Board of Directors
  • 8/2012-present, iHuman Institute, ShanghaiTech University (Shanghai, China), Founding Director and Adjunct Professor
  • 6/2016-present, Structure Therapeutics, (Shanghai, China), Founding Scientist
  • 2/2017-present, Danaher Corporation, Board of Directors
  • 6/2019-present, University of Southern Maine Foundation, Board Member

Research Interests

We use an imaging across scales approach to investigate the path of insulin biosynthesis, trafficking, secretion, and recycling in pancreatic β-cell during glucose and drug stimulation. This approach will allow us to see at what points in this system the insulin secretion pathway breaks down as many questions remain. By integrating the multiple levels of research, our goal is to have a comprehensive picture of diabetes and related metabolic diseases, to provide the basis for next generation drug and cell-therapy design.

Research Achievement

Raymond Stevens' research group has made significant achievements in the field of structural and functional studies of G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) related to essential human diseases such as diabetes and obesity (Science, 2020; Nature Communication, 2020; Nature, 2017). In recent years, our research group has targeted pancreatic islet β-cells, which play a key role in blood glucose regulation, and opened the boundaries of atomic, molecular, cellular, tissue and in vivo studies by means of imaging across scales. Part of our studies on the dynamic function of islet β-cells under physiological and pathological conditions have been published in Science Advances, 2020a; Science Advances, 2020b; Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2022.

Raymond Stevens also actively contributes to translational research, with several medicines discovered/developed: Nesina, Kuvan, Pegvilase, Zeposia, Botox.

Representative Publications

·       1.Zeng Y, Yang K, Cui Y, Zhu X, Li R, Zhang H, Wu D, Stevens RC., Hu J, Zhou N*. Conjunctive encoding of exploratory intentions and spatial information in the hippocampus. Nat Commun.,2024, 15(1):3221.

·       2.Yuan S, Xia L, Wang C, Wu F, Zhang B, Pan C, Fan Z, Lei X, Stevens RC, Sali A, Sun L*., Shui W*. Conformational Dynamics of the Activated GLP-1 Receptor-Gs Complex Revealed by Cross-Linking Mass Spectrometry and Integrative Structure Modeling. ACS Cent Sci.2023, 9(5):992-1007.

·       3.Xin Y, Liu S, Liu Y, Qian Z, Liu H, Zhang B, Guo T, Thompson GJ, Stevens RC, Sharpless KB*, Dong J*, Shui W*. Affinity selection of double-click triazole libraries for rapid discovery of allosteric modulators for GLP-1 receptor. Proc Natl AcadSci U S A,2023 120(11):e2220767120.

·       4.Wan W, Qin Q, Xie L, Zhang H, Wu F, Stevens RC*, Liu Y*. GLP-1R Signaling and Functional Molecules in Incretin Therapy. Molecules,2023, 28(2):751.

·       5.Zhang M, Qin Q, Zhang S, Liu W, Meng H, Xu M, Huang X, Lin X, Lin M, Herman P, Hyder F, Stevens RC, Wang Z, Li B*, Thompson, GJ*. Aerobic glycolysis imaging of epileptic foci during the inter-ictal period.EBioMedicine,2022,79:104004.

·       6.Amin Guo, Jianhua Zhang, Bo He, Angdi Li, Tianxiao Sun, Weimin Li, Jian Wang, Renzhong Tai, Yan Liu, Zhen Qian, Jiadong Fan*, Andrej Sali, Raymond C Stevens, Huaidong Jiang*, Quantitative, in situ visualization of intracellular insulin vesicles in pancreatic beta cells, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 2022, 119(32):1-10.

·       7.Raveh B, Sun L, White KL, Sanyal T, Tempkin J, Zheng D, Bharath K, Singla J, Wang C, Zhao J, Li A, Graham NA, Kesselman C, Stevens RC, Sali A*. Bayesian metamodeling of complex biological systems across varying representations.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2021 Aug 31;118(35):e2104559118.

·       8.Martin C, Gimenez LE, Williams SY, Jing Y, Wu Y, Hollanders C, Van der Poorten O, Gonzalez S, Van Holsbeeck K, Previti S, Lamouroux A, Zhao S, Tourwé D, Stevens RC*, Cone RD*, Ballet S*. Structure-Based Design of Melanocortin 4 Receptor Ligands Based on the SHU-9119-hMC4R Cocrystal Structure. J Med Chem.2021 Jan 14;64(1):357-369.

·       9.Hu T, Zheng G, Xue D, Zhao S, Li F, Zhou F, Zhao F, Xie L, Tian C, Hua T, Zhao S, Xu Y, Zhong G, Liu ZJ, Makriyannis A, Stevens RC, Tao H*. Rational Remodeling of Atypical Scaffolds for the Design of Photoswitchable Cannabinoid Receptor Tools. J Med Chem. 2021 Sep 23;64(18):13752-13765.

·       10.Zhao F, Zhang C, Zhou Q, Hang K, Zou X, Chen Y, Wu F, Rao Q, Dai A, Yin W, Shen DD, Zhang Y, Xia T, Stevens RC, Xu HE*, Yang D*, Zhao L*, Wang MW*. Structural insights into hormone recognition by the human glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptor. Elife. 2021 Jul 13;10:e68719.

·       11.Li A, Zhang X, Singla J, White K, Loconte V, Hu C, Zhang C, Li S, Li W, Francis JP, Wang C, Sali A, Sun L*, He X*, Stevens RC*. Auto-segmentation and time-dependent systematic analysis of mesoscale cellular structure in β-cells during insulin secretion. PLoS One. 2022 Mar 24;17(3):e0265567.

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·       13.Zhang, X.;Carter, S. D.;Singla, J.;White, K.L.;Butler, P. C.;Stevens, R.C.*, Jensen, G. J*.Visualizing insulin vesicle neighborhoods in β cells by cryo-electron tomography.Sci Adv,2020,6(50): eabc8258.

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  • Name:Liu Yan
    Position:Research associate Professor
  • Name:Xie Linshan
    Position:PhD candidate
  • Name:Zhuang Lu
    Position:PhD candidate
  • Name:Li Rui
    Position:PhD candidate
  • Name:Zeng Yifan
    Position:PhD candidate
  • Name:Wan Wenwei
  • Name:Fang Xiaoyu
  • Name:Xu Rong
  • Name:Xu Lin
  • Name:Wang Yan
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