The iHuman Institute is a new international effort established as a research institute located on the campus of ShanghaiTech University. The institute is a gateway to the world of Shanghai life science research. What makes the iHuman Institute special is that it is focused exclusively on the basic and applied science of human cell signaling, integrating multiple tools for scientific discovery, and bringing together leading researchers throughout the world. Cell surface receptors and their related intracellular proteins are responsible for human cellular communications with each other and their environment, and are involved in a wide range of physiological activities. Such a central role in human biology makes cell signaling the target for intervention for tuning physiological responses and fighting numerous conditions and diseases. These proteins are central to understanding the evolution of mankind and human cognition at a molecular level.

iHuman Institute has research groups in the fields of Chemical and Cell Biology, Chemistry, Antibody Development, Computational Chemistry, Imaging, Structural Biology, System Biology, and Translational Biology. The institute has the feeling of a team with combined efforts working closely together from different disciplines of science all excited to decipher the mysteries in human cell signaling. Basic science is at the core of the iHuman Institute, with direct application to drug discovery.