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Staff and Student

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Raymond Stevens
Wenqing Shui
PI, Research Associate Professor
Office:Room B104, Ren Building, 393 Middle Huaxia Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China

The limitations of most commonly used techniques for GPCR ligand screening and proteomics research highlights the needs for more sensitive, efficient and robust technologies that can substantially facilitate GPCR drug discovery and cell signaling study. The Shui Wen-Qing group is dedicated to developing versatile mass spectrometry (MS)-based methods which are integrated with biochemical, cell biology and structural biologyapproaches for GPCR research in three specific directions:

I. High-throughput identification of functional modulators of GPCR targets with the affinity mass spectrometry technique. New GPCR ligands identi edin our study will serve as critical chemical tools for elucidating GPCR signaling mechanism or potential leads for downstream drug development.

II. Discovery of disease-related biomarkers or potential drug targets from GPCR superfamily with cutting-edge proteomics techniques. Our technical innovation will accelerate the identification of new GPCR targets involved in brain disease progression and shed light on the structural basis of GPCR modulation and biased signaling.

III. Informatics tool development for ef cient miningof proteomics and metabolomics datasets to support GPCR ligand screening and GPCR targeted proteomics.