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  • Lab Safety Online Training and Testing

    Please accomplish the Lab Safety Online Training and Testing before entering the lab.

  • Lab Safety Rules

    Please read the laboratory safety regulations carefully before entering the lab, and strictly abide by the rules and regulations during the experiment.

  • Lab Safety Contract

    In order to ensure your personal safety, the campus' property safety and preventing the safety accidents, you are required to sign this contract before you begin your research in the lab.

  • Lab Emergency Contact Information Card- template

    Please post the Lab Emergency Contact Information Card at the entrance of the lab. The PI and safety contacts should take responsibility for the safety management in the lab, and be contacted immediately in emergency.

  • Emergency Plan for Lab Accidents

    This emergency plan should to be in proportion to the level of risk presented by event activities and the potential extent and severity of the incident. The first priority in an emergency response is the protection of life and health.