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  • Postdoc and Research Faculty Positions at the Xu Lab, ShanghaiTech University

    Research Faculty and Postdoc positions are available in structural biology and cell signaling discovery related areas.

  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology Lab at iHuman Institute, ShanghaiTech University

    Post-doctoral applicants should have, or expect to have within 6 months, a Ph.D. degree in either organic chemistry, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry, or analytical chemistry. Post-docs will work on the design, synthesis, functionalization and application of small molecule-based probes in a highly integrated collaboration. The Lab and the Institute encourage and support communications within iHuman and other national and worldwide visiting projects. Financial support will be provided by the Institute. Campus housing will be available.

  • Accepting applications for a postdoc position in Prof. Garth Thompson’s lab at the iHuman insti

    We seek candidates who have a keen interest in linking macroscopic observations of the brain from psychology to molecular characteristics of the brain from biochemistry. Successful candidates will develop novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods with a focus on linking the receptor level to macroscopic brain networks. The goal will be to both to develop imaging techniques, (MRI and potentially PET in the future), which translate from animals to humans, and also, working with collaborators at iHuman, to guide drug development through better understanding psychological disease mechanisms.