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  • iHuman Holds Bio-MS Symposium

    The Symposium on Probing Protein Structures with Bio-MS and Complementary Technologies was held at ShanghaiTech University on November 18th, organized by Shui Wenjing Group of iHuman Institute and supported by Shanghai Institute for Advanced Studies, CAS.

  • iHuman Institute Hosts ICCBM17 and 6th Annual iHuman Forum

    On November 2nd, the 17th International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules (ICCBM17) and the 6th Annual iHuman Forum successfully concluded. Co- hosted by iHuman Institute and Northwestern Polytechnical University as well as Shanghai Biophysical Society, ICCBM is a well-recognized international academic conference affiliated to the International Organization for Biological Crystallization (IOBCr). Held every two years, it has a strong reputation in the scientific and technological community.

  • Joachim Frank, the winner of the 2017 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, gave a ShanghaiTech lecture

    August 31, 2018 - Joachim Frank, the winner of the 2017 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and a professor at Columbia University, was invited by Kurt Wüthrich, an adjunct professor at the iHuman Institute, to give a ShanghaiTech lecture titled "Single Particle Cryo-EM -- A Journey to High Resolution without Crystals.

  • iHuman Team at ShanghaiTech University Deciphers the First Human Frizzled Receptor Structure

    August 23, 2018 - The Xu Laboratory at the iHuman Institute of ShanghaiTech University has deciphered the high-resolution crystal structure of the first human Frizzled receptor. As a gatekeeping protein in regulating the fundamental Wnt signaling in embryonic development and tumorigenesis, the Frizzled receptors (FZDs) have been cancer drug targets for decades without success.

  • Prof. Raymond Stevens To Receive 2019 BPS Anatrace Membrane Protein Award

    August 16, 2018 - The Biophysical Society (BPS) has named Raymond Stevens, the Founding Director of iHuman Institute, ShanghaiTech University, Provost Professor and Director of the Bridge Institute, Department of Biological Sciences and Chemistry, University of Southern California, as its 2019 Anatrace Membrane Protein Award winner.

  • Dr. Tian Hua, Research Associate Professor of iHuman Institute, selected as the member of "

    June 10, 2018 - In order to further promote university researchers in Shanghai, especially the outstanding talents, and cultivate a group of excellent researchers, Shanghai Education Development Foundation funded the establishment of Shanghai Youth Researchers Training Program (Chenguang Plan).

  • The Structural Study of the Human “Marijuana Receptor” is Selected as the “Best of Cell 2017”

    June 8, 2018 - The iHuman research paper “Crystal Structure of the Human Cannabinoid Receptor CB1” has been selected as the “Best of Cell 2017”, which celebrates editors’ and readers’ favorites of ground-breaking research published in Cell.

  • Drug Discovery Symposium Held at ShanghaiTech

    June 1, 2018 – The Roche-RSC International Symposium on Scientific Frontiers to Enable Drug Discovery was successfully held in ShanghaiTech University, hosted by F. Hoffmann-la Roche AG (Roche) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and co-organized by ShanghaiTech University and Shanghai Institute of Biophysics.

  • Congratulations to Professor Andrej Sali being elected as the member of National Academy of Sci

    May 1, 2018 - Professor Andrej Sali, Professor at the University of California, San Francisco and Adjunct Professor at the iHuman Institute, has been is elected as a member of National Academy of Sciences.

  • Temasek Holdings CEO Ho Ching Visits iHuman Institute

    April 10, 2018 - A delegation led by Temasek Holdings Executive Director and CEO Ms. Ho Ching has visited ShanghaiTech and met with President Mianheng Jiang. President Jiang extended a warm welcome to Ms. Ho Ching and the Temasek delegates. Provost and Vice President Jie Yin introduced the ShanghaiTech and Wu Yibing, Joint Head (China) of Temasket International, introduced the company.

  • MIT Associate Provost Visits iHuman Institute

    March 28, 2018 - Richard Lester, Associate Provost and Bruce Tidor, Professor of Biological Science and Computer Science both of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), visited ShanghaiTech and met with President Mianheng Jiang this morning.

  • Professor Kurt Wüthrich Wins Shanghai International Science and Technology Cooperation Award

    March 23, 2018 - At the Shanghai Science and Technology Award Conference held today, Professor Kurt Hermann Wüthrich, distinguished professor of ShanghaiTech University’s iHuman Institute, was presented the 2017 Shanghai International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.

  • Raymond Stevens, 2018 Stein & Moore Award winner

    March 18, 2018 - The Stein and Moore Award, named for Nobel laureates Dr. William Stein and Dr. Stanford Moore, venerates their contribution to understanding the connection between chemical structure and catalytic activity of the active center of the ribonuclease molecule. Established in 1986, the Stein and Moore Award is given to recognize eminent leaders in protein science who have made sustained high impact research contributions to the field.

  • International teams of scientists take important step towards deciphering a new paradigm in dru

    February 1, 2018 - An international team of scientists led by the iHuman Institute at ShanghaiTech University published results showing the high-resolution atomic structure of the human serotonin receptor 2C (5-HT2C); an important G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) drug target for the treatment of schizophrenia and drug abuse, and recently was central to the development of the anti-obesity drug Belviq.