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Postdoc and Research Faculty Positions at the Xu Lab, ShanghaiTech University

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Open Positions:

Research Faculty and Postdoc positions are available in structural biology and cell signaling discovery related areas.


1. Ph.D. in structural biology, biochemistry, cell biology, or pharmacology

2. Highly-motivated and self-disciplined

The research interests in our laboratory include deciphering the signaling pathways of G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) in human cells, with an emphasis on GPCR signaling in developmental biology. We employ cutting-edge technologies in membrane protein structural biology, including x-ray crystallography and cryo-EM, and leverage extensive collaborations with other research groups to explore the critical involvement of GPCRs in embryogenesis and tissue homeostasis regulation, and the direct relevance of dysregulation of GPCR signaling to numerous human diseases.

Recently, our lab has disclosed the atomic-resolution architecture of three highly important GPCRs. These findings explain the multi-domain organization of these proteins, the molecular recognition between ligands and receptors, and shed light on the receptor activation and signaling mechanism. More importantly, the ligand binding pocket and modulation hotspots we revealed will guide rational design of tool ligands toward these drug-target receptors. Such translational efforts are current ongoing in our lab with cross-discipline collaborations.

We provide world-class instruments and facilities to encourage innovative research in the laboratory. The university also provides highly competitive compensation package, and financial support for training/conference opportunities to support employee’s career development.

If interested, please send CV and reference list to Email: