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Chemistry and Chemical Biology Lab at iHuman Institute, ShanghaiTech University

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The iHuman Institute at ShanghaiTech University focuses on the investigation of human cell signaling. The Institute is composed of research labs and core facilities covering chemistry, computation, imaging and structural biology. Multi-disciplinary collaboration is highly encouraged to promote the research of tomorrow. The Chemistry and Chemical Biology Lab aims to understand, and manipulate protein function and undertake translation to clinical application. We are seeking young professionals to carry out chemical tool development.

Post-doctoral applicants should have, or expect to have within 6 months, a Ph.D. degree in either organic chemistry, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry, or analytical chemistry. Post-docs will work on the design, synthesis, functionalization and application of small molecule-based probes in a highly integrated collaboration. The Lab and the Institute encourage and support communications within iHuman and other national and worldwide visiting projects. Financial support will be provided by the Institute. Campus housing will be available.

Joint graduate students are welcomed with majors in organic chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry, polymer chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry. Graduate students will work with, or independently lead projects on the design, synthesis and application of tool ligands. High standard dormitory and competitive working allowance will be provided.

Review of applications will start upon your email reply to:

Houchao Tao, Ph.D  Email:

For more information, please visit iHuman web: