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iHuman Institute hosts BSR13

[source]:超级管理员 [the author]:超级管理员 [date]:2019-11-01 [Views]:1920

On September 24, the 13th International Conference on Biology and Synchrotron Radiation successfully concluded at ShanghaiTech University. It was jointly organized by ShanghaiTech university, iHuman Institute, Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Biophysical Society of China, Chinese Crystallographic Society and Shanghai Society of Biophysics. Professor Zhi-Jie Liu from ShanghaiTech, Professor Yuhui Dong from Institute of High Energy Physics and Professor Jianhua He from Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility were appointed as co-chairs.


Professor Zhi-Jie Liu, Executive Director of iHuman Institute and the Chair of BSR13 

The BSR, as one of the top conferences in the community, is placed every three years. The aim of this conference is presenting and discussing state of the art developments of synchrotron radiation and free electron laser applications in biology. The meeting in Shanghai continued the important work of the BSR and its commitment to removing barriers to international research collaboration.

More than 340 delegates form universities, research institutes and corporations including 39 speakers from 11 countries, are attracted to get together in this conference. It focuses on traditional topics including: 1) Atomic-resolution and Time-resolved Structures of Biological Macromolecules acquired with Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS) and XFEL; 2) Science with Upgraded SRS, Software and Big Data; 3) Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Applications of SRS, X-ray Tomography Imaging; 4) X-ray Coherent Diffraction Imaging for Biology. 


Opening Remarks given by Professor Jie Yin, Vice President and Provost of ShanghaiTech

The opening of conference was hosted by Professor Zhi-Jie Liu. Vice President and Provost Professor Yin Jie gave opening remarks, expressing his sincere welcome to the attendees. Professor Zihe Rao, as the first plenary talk speaker brought a wonderful talk on “Architecture of African Swine Fever Virus and implications for viral assembly and vaccine design”. Professor Tetsuya Ishikawa from SPring-8, Japan gave an introduction about SPring-8 and SACLA and their applications to life sciences. Professor Jianren Shen from Okayama University and Professor Jianwei Miao from University of California, Los Angeles brought us inspiring talks as well. In addition, the conference provided an excellent opportunity for young scientists and students to deliver oral and poster presentations on their research.


Plenary talk given by Prof. Zihe Rao

On the closing of conference Professor Samar Hasnain on behalf of International Advisory Committee of BSR summarized the conference and announced that the 14th BSR will be held in Uppsala University in the year of 2022.

BSR13 was strongly supported by joint organizations especially Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Science and Shanghai Society of Biophysics. It is strongly believed that the success of BSR13 will play a significant role in promoting the great progress and development of the field of synchrotron radiation and free electron laser applications in biology. 


Group photo of BSR13