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iHuman Institute Holds Executive Committee Meeting

[source]:超级管理员 [the author]:超级管理员 [date]:2018-07-12 [Views]:2303

An Executive Committee Meeting of iHuman Institute was held on March 17, 2016. The six committee members who attended the meeting included Vice President & Provost of ShanghaiTech University Professor Yin Jie, Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Professor Rao Zihe, Executive Dean of School of Life Science and Technology Professor. Jiarui Wu, iHuman Institute Founding Director Professor. Raymond Stevens, Prof. Director of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Professor Jiang Hualiang, and Director of Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics Professor Zhao Zhentang. In addition, iHuman Institute Deputy Director Professor Liu Zhi Jie and all iHuman PIs also attended the meeting.

Prof. Raymond Stevens warmly welcomed the presence of the committee members. After summarizing the overall achievements of iHuman in the past year, he reported the 2015 iHuman highlights on team recruitment, scientific discovery and culture building, and proposed the future directions and 2016 Goals of iHuman. Following a visit to the iHuman new building by the committee, Prof. Zhi-Jie Liu and other iHuman PIs reported status and progress for iHuman cores and labs. The committee members highly evaluated the performance of iHuman led by Profs. Raymond Stevens and Zhi-Jie Liu, gave constructive advice on various aspects and approved the 2016 iHuman Goals.