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iHuman Institute Holds “2016 Science Day”

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The iHuman Institute held its first annual “iHuman Science Day” on December 13, 2016 in the new “Ren” building. Given the rapid and strong growth of the institute, the special Science Day was created to increase communication across the institute and display all of the incredible scientific results.  Highlights for 2016 included the structure determination of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor published in the journal Cell and the successful recruitment of faculty in other imaging areas including super resolution imaging, animal imaging, electron microscopy.  Future recruitments will be in the area of MRI, chemistry, and biology.

During the “2016 iHuman Science Day” activities, round table discussions led by different faculty, staff, and student groups were held to continue to evolve the Institute and improve on the iHuman culture. Many new ideas emerged among them ranging from a new student led lecture series to better ways to communicate the common goal of imaging across the scales.   Students raised proposals and ideas with the most concerns related to their better life in academia and career development.


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