The past 10 years of science has produced the complete human genome map and we have seen drastic increases in understanding the many components that make up human cells. With this information now available, we are in a position to integrate the data and further our understanding of how human cell signaling systems work at the molecular and cellular level. Such an effort requires teamwork between different disciplines interested in the next level of scientific discovery and that is the opportunity at the iHuman Institute. The goal is to make a difference in the world by understanding the wiring and connectivity of the human body that make us who we are.


iHuman Vision:
To Build the World’s Most Creative and Productive Human Cell Signaling Research Institute.

iHuman Mission:
To Cure Disease and Improve Human Health through Human Cell Signaling Research.

iHuman Goals:
Scientific and Technological Breakthroughs in Human Cell Signaling and the Education of the Next Generation of Scientific Entrepreneurs Creating New Medicines.