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Job Opportunities

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iHuman Institute  is seeking highly motivated and outstanding international candidates with strong interests in biology, chemistry, antibody development, computational chemistry, bioinformatics, imaging, structural biology and system biology research related to human cell signaling and transduction. Shanghai is one of the world’s most exciting cities for both Chinese and foreigners to live and work. We currently have the following positions opening:

0)       Administration Staff

1)       Faculty Positions;

2)       Chemistry Faculty Positions;

3)       Computational Biology/Chemistry Faculty Positions;

4)       IT and database programmer; (closed)

5)       iHuman研究所行政主管

6)       Automation Scientist/Engineer for Life Sciences Research

7)       Postdocs or technician for Ray Stevens group;

8)       Postdocs or technician for Zhi-Jie Liu group;

7)       Postdocs or technician for Xu Fei group;

8)       Postdocs or technician for Houchao Tao;

Application Procedure:

Submit a cover letter, a 2-3 page statement of research interests, a CV (including most significant publications) and the names and addresses of three individuals who can serve as references to the email address: