The iHuman Student Leadership Board(iHSLB) Established

On May 30, 2018 witnessed the foundation of the iHuman Student Leadership Board (iHSLB). The board has 12 members. The members come from different laboratories and it consists of graduate students from grades 1 to 3.

The iHSLB was established by the Professor Stevens, the Founding Director of iHuman Institute. With the strong support from iHuman leadership, the iHSLB purpose is to (1) create a better environment for iHuman family members and train graduate students' leadership skills, (2) help iHuman staff and students to do better work and study, (3) improve the efficiency of communication between laboratories and cores, and (4) make iHuman to be a better place for everybody. In order to get better training and improvement, iHSLB members will receive professional training from Professor Stevens during this summer.

In the future, iHSLB will make efforts in three major parts. Learning the leadership, iHuman cultural creation, and hosting some specific events/training. Firstly, learning the leadership includes hosting the English Corner and Journal Club at iHuman. Firstly, through the iHSLB organization, student volunteers can choose the topics individually under the help of Professor Garth Thompson, Professor Fei Xu, and Dr. Yueming Xu. This can help students quickly adapt to the iHuman English learning system and enhance their oral English communication. This can also help iHSLB members to gain more experience in organizing and coordinating students’ affaires. Secondly, in terms of iHuman culture, by co-organized the iHuman Happy Hour events with different research institutes and companies, iHSLB members can achieve the goal of improving the communication and communication capabilities. It will provide more chances to improving academic and cultural exchanges both inside and outside the institute. Thirdly, iHSLB will actively orgnize the annual iHuman team building activity and take resposbilities to constantly optimize the working environment and working atmosphere of all members in iHuman. iHSLB will help each iHuman graduate student by providing specific career planning training in the future.

    “Stand out and to be outstanding” is the iHSLB's Slogan. The iHSLB's goal is to constantly pursue self-improvement. At the same time, we hope that under the assistance of iHSLB we can build a more outstanding iHuman.