Raymond Stevens, 2018 Stein & Moore Award winner

The Stein and Moore Award, named for Nobel laureates Dr. William Stein and Dr. Stanford Moore, venerates their contribution to understanding the connection between chemical structure and catalytic activity of the active center of the ribonuclease molecule. Established in 1986, the Stein and Moore Award is given to recognize eminent leaders in protein science who have made sustained high impact research contributions to the field.

2018 recipient is Professor Raymond Stevens. Dr. Stevens has pioneered the development of membrane protein structural biology technologies including nanoliter crystallization robotics, nanoliter imaging, micro-expression and screening of constructs, thermal stability analysis, and the fusion partner tool chest that led to the ground breaking seminal work on the structures and mechanistic understanding of the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily. His latest and quite possibly most impactful endeavor is to create the first atomic model of the human body that can be used for testing drugs without any risk to patients’ health. He founded six biotechnology companies focused on structure-based drug design and was involved in the development of several marketed drugs to treat a number of different human diseases. Dr. Stevens also founded two research institutes - iHuman Institute at ShanghaiTech University in Shanghai, China and Bridge Institute at USC in Los Angeles, CA.