Congratulations to Professor Zhi-Jie Liu being appointment for the first tenure professor of ShanghaiTech University

January 31, 2018, ShanghaiTech University (STU) held “tenure professor appointment, excellent teachers and outstanding staffawards ceremony. All the STU leaderships, faculty and staffs attended the big event. Most important, it was the first tenure professor appointment at STU. The ceremonywas chaired by provost and vice-president Yin Jie and vice president Renchang Hua.

Vice-president Yin Jie introduced the system of tenureprofessors at STU.He announced that Professor Zhi-Jie Liu, who is from iHuman Institute, and Professor Xingxu Huang, who is from the School of Life Science and Technology, were promoted to the tenureprofessors atSTU. President Mianheng Jiang issued the tenureprofessors' appointments and expressed his congratulations. The two professors shared their experiences and insights at STU and encouraged other professors and researchers to continue their efforts to concentrate on teaching, research and service work.

At the meeting, Professor Zhi-Jie Liu gave a wonderful and inspiring speech. He noted three key words: STU People, STU Culture and “STU Spirit  which aroused the applause from the audience.

Vice-president Renchang Hua issued the “2017 excellent teachers  and “2017 outstanding employees awards. Ray Stevens and other teachers from iHuman Institute received the 2017 excellent teacher awards. Yang Yue and other staffs from iHuman Institute received the 2017 outstanding employees awards.