Congratulations to Dr. Guisheng Zhong Promotion to Assistant Director of iHuman Institute

Dr. Guisheng Zhong, Principal Investigator, Research Associate Professor of iHuman Institute, is promoted by ShanghaiTech University as Assistant Director of iHuman Institute on January 2018.

Dr. Guisheng Zhong joint iHuman Institute since January 2015, he is the Young 1000 Talents in China. His research interest lies in two main areas: 1) The structure and function of G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and cytoskeleton in many types of cells and tissues. 2) The function of natural compounds with a focus in cardiac and cancer cells.

Dr. Guisheng Zhong has outstanding leadership skills and conducts excellent scientific research work. We firmly believe that the iHuman Institute will become better as he joins the iHuman leadership.