Research Cores

BioImage Core

Complementary to crystallization, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is a powerful tool to study, in nanometer dimension, proteins, such as G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), cytoskeleton etc. The BioImaging Core Facility, initiated in 2015, specializes in the cutting-edge super-resolution imaging. Up to now, the facility has three super-resolution microscopes including a Nikon STORM, a Leica STED and a self-built STORM microscope. Moreover, these microscopes were also equipped with light sheet module, conventional confocal and hyvolution modules.

Our facility provides critical microscopy and imaging resources to all members at ShanghaiTech University. Its goal is to help users from experimental design and image acquisition to image processing (treatment and quantification).

Routinely, we maintain these platform resources and holduser training. Besides, we also organize workshops and more sophisticated training on microscope and image processing.

Moreover, two members in the facility are also involved in their own projects in the fields of liver cancer and neuroscience respectively.