Research Cores

Cryo-EM Core

A picture is a key to understanding. Scientific breakthroughs often build upon the successful visualisation of objects invisible to the human eye. However, biochemical maps have long been filled with blank spaces for the available technology has had difficulty generating images of much of life’s molecular machinery. Cryo-electron microscopy changes all of this. Researchers can now freeze biomolecules mid-movement and visualise processes they have never previously seen, which is decisive for both the basic understanding of life’s chemistry and for the development of pharmaceuticals. Especailly after 2013, protein structure solved by Cryo-EM could reach atomic resolution, which makes this techonology more powerful than ever. The Cryo-EM core houses five microscopes, including two low-end Talos 120C for negative staining, one medium Arctica (200kv) and two state-of-the-art high-end Titan Krios (300kv) with the most advanced direct electron detectors, phase plate and energy filter. Also a GPU-based cluser will be built for image processing.