Research Cores

BV Core

The Cell Culture Core atiHuman was set up in 2013 and mainly focuses on expression of eukaryotic proteins, such as GPCRs, using the Baculovirus Expression System. We provide virus and biomass for both internal and external researchers of the biotech and biomedical research community. This essential resource aids investigators withstructure, function and drug development research. 

GPCRs as important drug targets, their structural studies require pure, homogenous and fairly large amount of proteins, often exceeding milligram quantities. Here, we have established a High-ThroughputBaculovirus expression system for GPCR expression screening and large amounts of protein production. It usually takes sixdays from transfection to 40 mL biomass, and anextra twomore days to get large scale biomass. There are threecell lines: sf9, sf21 and High-Five, we use sf9 cells for GPCRs expression screening and production,sf21 and High-Five are used for optimization of some special targets.