Yan Liu Research Associate Professor


InstituteiHuman Institute
Research AreaCellular Structural Biology and Bioimaging

2015.10-present  Research Assistant Professor, iHuman Institute, Shanghaitech University

2011.09-2015.10 Lecturer, School of Science, National University of Defense Technology

2005.08-2011.06 Ph.D., School of Medicine, Tsinghua University

2007.11-2009.11 Joint Ph.D., School of Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2001.08-2005.06 B.S., School of Science, Central University for Nationalities

helix2Research Interests
Structure and function studies of cytoskeleton proteins/ion transporters and related molecules under physiological and pathological conditions at the nanometer-scale.
bookSelected Publications

1.  Yan Liu#, Douglas B. Kintner#, Vishal Chanana#, Xinzhi Chen, Jehad Algharabli, Peter Ferrazzano, Julia Olson, Dandan Sun. Activation of microglia depends on Na+/H+ exchange-mediated H+ homeostasis. The Journal of Neuroscience, 2010 Nov 10, 30(45): 15210-15220.

2. Yan Liu, Douglas B. Kintner, Samuel Cramer, Jehad Algharabli, Gary E. Shull, Xiang-Jun Liu, and Dandan Sun. ER Ca2+ signaling and mitochondrial Cyt c release in astrocytes following oxygen and glucose deprivation. The Journal of Neurochemistry, 2010 Sep 1; 114(5): 1436-46.

3. Gulnaz Begum, Douglas B. Kintner, Yan Liu, Samuel W. Cramer, and Dandan Sun. DHA inhibits ER Ca2+release and ER stress in astrocytes following in vitro ischemia. The Journal of Neurochemistry, 2012 Jan 13; 120(4): 622-630.

4.Xin-yu Zhang, Lin Shi, Yan Liu, Feng Tian, Hai-tao Zhao, Xiao-ping Miao, Ming-lie Huang, and Xiao-yan Zhu. ICPS: an integrative cancer profiler system. Bioinformatics, 2010 Aug 24; 26(20):2649-2650.

5.Yan Liu, Qian Chen, Yahui Man and Wenjian Wu. Insect olfactory receptors as essential detectors for volatile chemicals in biomimetic odorant sensors. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013. vol.461, P834.

6. Yan Liu, Xiang-jun Liu, Dandan Sun. Ion transporters and ischemic mitochondrial dysfunction. Cell adhesion and migration, 2009 Jan; 3(1):94-98.

7. Yahui Man, Weisong Pan, Yan Liu, Xianli Du and WenjianWu. Olfactory and geomagnetic perception inspired bionic sensing. Handbook of Biomimetics and Bioinspiration, 2013 Nov 25, (in 3 volumes) b1589-ch25.