The 2nd iHuman Institute Executive Committee Meeting

On Dec.6th 2013, the 2nd ShanghaiTech University iHuman executive committee meeting was held at iHuman institute. Dr. Jie Yin, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of ShanghaiTech University and Chairman of the Executive Committee of iHuman Institute, chaired the meeting.

The Executive Committee consists of six members: Prof. Yin Jie, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of ShanghaiTech, Prof. Rao Zihe, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Raymond Stevens, Founding Director of iHuman Institute, Prof. Wu Jiarui, Deputy Director of SLST of ShanghaiTech University, Deputy Director of SARI, Prof. Zhao Zhentang, Director of SINAP, Prof. Jiang Hualiang, Deputy Director of SIMM. In addition, Prof. Liu Zhi-Jie, Deputy Director of iHuman institute also attended this meeting.

After Prof. Yin Jie and Prof. Raymond Stevens addressed the welcoming remarks, Prof. Raymond Stevens and Liu Zhi-Jie reported the iHuman work progress of 2013, including the “First Annual Shanghai GPCR Forum” successfully held recently. Development on research, personnel structure, budget, lab development, equipment purchasing, collaboration, faculty training were also reviewed. The committee proposed some urgent issues with regard to the development plans of iHuman institute for 2014. The members of the Executive Committee concluded that the iHuman institute had accomplished the task of 2013, expressed appreciation to the hard-work of Prof. Raymond Stevens and Prof. Liu Zhi-Jie, and provided constructive suggestions regarding the development of iHuman institute. At last, Prof. Yin Jie announced the consensus and resolutions of the meeting.